Friday, September 30, 2011

A new first

Socializing Haddie has become an art of creativity. While she is fitting into our day, I am trying my best to always think of something to do with her daily outside of our house environment. Other PR's ... let me know if this is normal and what advice you have about getting her out and about.

Today was more tricky because my son came home early from school yesterday with a slight fever and sore throat, which left him with me all day today. My boundaries were limited regarding socializing Haddie. While my husband works at home, I didn't want to abandon my son for the sake of training. My kiddos will always come first.

But I was able to take Haddie for a walk while my cutie was sleeping on the couch with his dad on a conference call in the office. As I left the house, I happened to look up and notice that our sunshine had turned to dark, gray clouds off in the distance. I figured that I could beat whatever that was coming towards us - afterall, Haddie isn't walking that far.


We were a good fifteen minutes from home when the rain, out of nowhere, started falling and falling fast. It was on the verge of a hailstorm. Haddie looked up at me with squinted eyes and ears back as if to say, "Really?!!"  Sorry, babe, but we must continue in order to escape the weather. If we stand here, we are just going to continue to get wet.

Then, the thunder rang. It was not the loudest thunder I have ever heard, but it was thunder. I am sure she heard it. Dogs have better hearing than humans, right? She had no reaction to it, however, so maybe it was too far away and she didn't really pick up on it. But it was a new first.

We got back with a wet CCI Cape, a drizzled-wet furry puppy, and a damp headed Puppy Raiser. My new life - walking in the rain - is not as bad as I thought it would be. It was worth the puppy exercise; we dried off rather quickly.

And then Haddie did this ...


  1. Thanks, Elijah! Trying my best ... =)

  2. Well, we're supposed to introduce these pups to the new and different. I seem to be caught in downpours more times than I like, but Yaxley never seems to mind. Glad the thunder doesn't affect Haddie.

  3. Living on the Prairie, we get some monster boomers that roll through. We would always sit on the front porch with Ansel and just relax. He never was bothered with the thunder & lightening (even when it was very close). When there was no lightening, but heavy rain, we'd take turns working commands in the downpour.

    It's like dipping a dog in a pond!

    Sounds like you're doing a great job. Just remember this mantra..."It's a great training opportunity"