Sunday, September 11, 2011

Bath Time!!

Last night was Bath Time for the two dogs in the household. I am super happy that I have had four years of experience in bathing our lil'Beagle. I figured that bathing Haddie would be the same on my behalf; and controlling any unnecessary wiggles would be expected. But at least I already knew the routine ~ half the battle was already won.
Haddie went first. I am positive that she was bathed prior to coming to our home. I am starting to sound like a broken record; she did wonderful. It helped that it was a 90 degree day at our house, so the welcomed cooling off was to our benefit. Haddie did the entire routine as if she had studied the book the night before.
I can imagine that next month when Haddie has her next bath that she will have out grown our slop sink in the laundry room. I already have a backup plan which involves asking my parents for some help. They have a Portuguese Water Dog and the best setup of a dog-tub in their garage. It provides easy access for the dogs to walk in and out; a benefit as my days are winding down on picking up Haddie.
She'll need to learn to go in and out of the tub on her own and to settle with many distractions in their garage while I bathe her. It'll be a fun learning experience for both of us. I am sure my parents will agree to my idea.

Once Haddie was dried off and placed in her kennel, Cora went next. She always finds a way to hide from me when I tell her Bath Time, and especially after seeing Haddie in her sink she knew what was coming next for! sure! But once I scoop up Cora, and talk sweet nothin's in her ear, she is a champion bather too.
I am sure the dogs appreciated the cooling off before bedtime. I know I did!

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