Thursday, September 1, 2011

Golf - first outing

Kindergarten Puppy Class is held on Wednesdays in our area - but unfortunately, we had a conflict last night in that our kiddos were wrapping up their private golf lessons, my husband had a meeting, and I could not be two places at once. We chose to complete golf and give Haddie a first outing.
I sat with her next to the golf cart car wash section of the course, with the kids' lesson on the hill. It was quiet of people. The sounds she heard and the things she observed were the hand held power washer rinsing off the golf carts, birds squawking nearby, the sound of the ball hitting golf clubs at the driving range to our left, and the golf ball machine that picked up all the balls. 
Haddie was fabulous. She would walk around me on her leach while I stayed put on the blanket. She would sit to observe. She never barked, or jumped. She just sat. When she got bored, she would switch her position. We took a short walk down the side of the building for a hurry break, and then she settled in the grass and fell asleep for thirty minutes. 
It was peaceful. We couldn't have asked for a better first day and puppy. I think the pictures snapped of her against the wheat looking grass and the sun nearly setting are gorgeous. I'm thankful for my quick point and shoot Lumix. It does okay when you are doing snaps one handed with a curious pup leashed in the other.  


  1. perfect first outing! Not really out in public, but still at good training prep before 5 months comes around :)
    She's SO cute!

  2. I felt like I was cheating as I am still waiting on the arrival of the puppy pack (cape, etc). So we played low-key but it was great for her to see/hear what she did and to see her reaction as interested, but no big deal. =)

  3. That doesn't matter! I mean CCI wouldn't want you to take her in a grocery store, but she was outside the entire time! It was a pretty low stress situation.