Thursday, September 8, 2011

A Shout Out of Happy!!

Our super friend Haddie and I had two outings today. The first was at our local Starbucks where we met my awesome mom for some yummy drinks. We chose a table outside by the drive-thru order. While there was not too much in foot traffic, the location was by a busy street with lots of noise, and cars pulling up next to us to chat to the mystery voice coming from the board.

Haddie did ... great!!! Nothing freaked her out; loud motorcycles or semi-trucks had nothing on this friend. She ignored it all. Strangers were kind enough to ask before they pet her, and she stayed seated. I think a few licks were had, but they were short lived. 

I enjoyed conversation with my mom while Haddie slept by my right side. We were both enjoying her cooperativeness and ease. 
My mom getting in her Cradling time
Later this evening .... 

It was the first day back to dance class for my sweet girl. While there is a lobby for parents to socialize while their dancers are being instructed behind closed doors in either a Pink, Blue, or Green Room - the dancers access their specific class through outside doors via a sidewalk which spans the length of the building. 

Although Haddie has yet to have an indoor accident in our house, I am taking it slow in regards to taking her inside different environments. I want her to be solid with me first, before we add that level of distraction. Therefore, I parked our bodies outside on the sidewalk. 

Haddie was an instant magnet. Tap shoes, flip flops, ballet shoes, barefeet, high heels, and work boots all clicked by in various ways close to my teeny tiny four legged friend. It is amazing what you observe when you are looking down studying the behavior of a dog. 

And here is my Shout Out of Happy!!  Ready? (insert brag button)

Haddie did not lick the various fingers and hands that came to her, and she stayed seated facing the crowd of passerby's.  A-mazing. I could have jumped out of my skin right then and there in happiness. She was a true champ. I was delighted!!!

My girl's class was in the Blue Room tonight and the door was propped open due to the heat wave we are experiencing. I stood at the entrance of the door - a quick moment of oohs and aahs came forth - before the teacher started in her quick Expectations and Happenings for the year. Haddie sat next to me and only tried twice to enter. A quick No solved that attempt and she went back to sitting down facing the ballerinas. Oh, how I wished I had my Photographer handy!!  Next time ... 

The rest of the hour long class was spent either on the sidewalk, or in the grassy strip across the parking lot. The grass area was a hill, and my friend found a way to somehow balance laying downhill, and upside down, with out tumbling allllllll the way down. She cracks me up. A crazy pose that she put herself into and did so with out fuss or fear; as if she hangs upside down every day. She obviously has good balance for such a smushy, rolly-polly bellied, big footed girl.

So floppy and adorable in all her cuteness wrapped into a yellow and blue cape. A Shout Out of Happy!!!

Oh, Haddie - what a fantastic girl you are in so many ways!! You have captured our heart and we are focused on doing our part to provide you a wonderful journey towards Advanced Training. We hope your future holds a very special place in a Handler's heart one day. Yay, Haddie!!!

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