Sunday, September 25, 2011


We start and end every CCI Class with Cradling. I think it is adorable. Even when the pup has outgrown the legs of their Puppy Raiser.

Here is Haddie on day three of being with us - being cradled by my son.
And here she is two days ago - much bigger. She is now officially taller than our sweet 12.5 inch Beagle. All in a month's time frame.
This is the view from the one cradling her ... how adorable! Sweet reward for the life of a Puppy Raiser.
This California girl brought us a heat wave the day she arrived, lasting the entire month. But today she has been officially initiated to the Pacific Northwest. We've had a mixed bag of weather today. From sunshine, to heavy winds, to downpour of rain.

Haddie was outside to experience each. She seemed the most curious about the wind on her face, and my hair flying like crazy, and seemed annoyed with the rain.  Sorry, Haddie, it's something you'll have to get used to, because we will not be home-bodies.

I found that puddles make a yellow dog very brown real quick. Thankfully I have been toting a dog towel in the back of the car since the day we received her. It was put to use upon our return to the car today. I can count on our new routine. Dry off and clean up before securing her in the kennel for the ride home.

There is a lot of work to Puppy Raising - but I wouldn't change it. The reward is great.

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