Monday, September 19, 2011

Piano Mondays

I am a Mom first, and a piano teacher second. I have been teaching Piano Lessons on Mondays for the last six years. I teach Home School students during the day, and public/private school students during the evenings. I have twelve students that rotate through my living room on Mondays. And then my work week is through. I love it.

Today was the first Piano Monday of the school year. And, it was the first time having Haddie by my side. I wasn't real sure how it was going to go. I have a goal to eventually have Haddie on a tie-down in her comfy bed by the piano while I teach. But since she is just learning how to keep her large paws in the bed, and not drape them over and out of the bed, I decided that her kennel was the sure bet that all would be calm during lessons.

I practiced yesterday - a dry run. In the beginning, she was not hip on the sound of the piano. I didn't think my playing was that bad (Ha!). It took some time before she settled into a sleep and all was fine. I debated back and worth with myself on whether to chicken-out and kennel her in a different room, or to just go-for-it and let her settle in during lessons.

At the last minute today I made my choice. Puppy Raising is the volunteer gig I signed up for - the good, the bad, the uncertain. I was not going to default to easy, as I knew that would be cheating Team Haddie. So, Haddie kenneled up right next to the piano for the day.
And ... in typical Haddie-Style ... she did fantastic. She did not whine, or fuss for any of the lessons. The most that she did was Snore. Some moments were much louder than others, but that just made the students relax and laugh during their lesson time. I really don't think they minded. To me, it was much better than the alternative of noises she is capable of making while kenneled.
I was so happy! I can't wait for one day to have her on a tie down in her bed in place of her kennel. Baby Steps. Then the students will really get to see her in action and it may take away any worries they may have at the piano as they learn new music, or help face their challenges on existing pieces, or settle them after a hard day at school.
And here's a bonus photo ... my girl was doing some computer work after she got ready for bed last night. Haddie decided to join her under the computer desk. She doesn't know the Under command, we just claim it when she does it. Haddie is in this same location as I type this post. I think she finally realized she truly has outgrown going Under our tiny kitchen table and chairs.


  1. That's so cool! I play piano :)
    How did Haddie do?

  2. Fun, Elijah!! How long have you been playing, and do you take private lessons? Haddie did great. Other than loud snoring off and on, she didn't make a sound. =)