Wednesday, September 28, 2011

25 pounds of pure Joy

Haddie weighed in at her veterinary booster checkup yesterday at 25 pounds. She was carried in and out of the doctors and she was so cuddly in my arms while I was paying to leave.  With perked ears and a curious face, she watched the receptionist type on the computer and answer a phone call while we waited for the total cost of our visit. She was adorable. The rest of the evening was spent chilling out.

I like how she turns her head to the side to relax. Our beagle turns her whole body, or will keep her head straight forward. But Haddie looks like she is a kid laying on her belly on a pillow.
Today my mom met us at the mall to walk the inside loop. It was good to see Haddie so well behaved. We walked through one store (Bed, Bath and Beyond) and she was more curious about what was at her eye level. However, she did good with corrections.

Haddie received the most praise at this store - we'll have to continue to visit as she grows. The saleswomen seemed to be taken with her. It was a great location with all the different smells of candles and aromas that waft through. Amazing what Puppy Raisers notice while pup is at the end of the leash.

The funny situation of our outing was Haddie's keen interest in a headless Mannequin. Fully dressed with toes exposed, but missing a head, Haddie stopped quick when we passed. So we joined her interest to help her figure it out. Sadly, her tail was wagging a mile a minute - almost more so than with a real human. Hmmm. (Ha). She smelled the cool jeans the faux chick was wearing, and looked as though she was going to bark - but thankfully she restrained. A sign we'll have to continue to search out Mannequins so her reaction is more nonchalant.

We also took a walking break at a little bistro table in the mall. Haddie placed herself voluntarily under the legs of the table. She just barely fit. As a result of the tight squeeze, I used it to my advantage to teach her to Stay in the Down command. While she tried a few times to get up, she corrected quickly to my verbal cue. She did a great job.

It's sunny here - so we'll have outside time to wear out some energy before heading to CCI Class this evening.

Haddie is truly 25 pounds of pure Joy!

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  1. Wow, 25lbs and almost 15 weeks. My first thought: She's not going to be a little girl.
    Second thought: My pup's going to be 30 (minimum) at 12 weeks... what have I gotten myself into?! :)

    Good luck at class, it has been lovely today, just a nip of fall though.