Monday, September 26, 2011

Cora is Queen

My pet dog Cora and the CCI puppy Haddie met for the first time on September 3rd. Their first meeting went down with Haddie prancing away as top dog with my girl happy as second. Since that day, the two girls have gotten along only because Cora backs down all the time from the sloppy kisses from Haddie, and the ultra-friendly sniffs and playfulness.
Until ...

This weekend when Cora decided twice to let Haddie know who is Queen. All it took was two separate occasions of Cora turning fast on Haddie with a Beagle growl. Haddie ran fast the other way and hunkered down. The first time Cora allowed a gentle return from Haddie for the next 24 hours. But since the second incident yesterday, Haddie has a new perspective of the other four-legged that lives under the same roof.

I am thankful that Cora is so passive, and that she saved it for when she meant business, and when she meant business, it was just forceful enough to get her point across and nothing more. I am happy that Haddie finally listened, because it was starting to drive me crazy at how much she wanted to play with Cora, even though I knew there were strict rules from CCI regarding this topic.

I could always call Haddie out of her attention to Cora, but my girl is well behaved and would come running alongside Haddie when I called her out. Cora would come and sit and pay attention to me just as fast as Haddie. Kinda defeated the purpose - the two dogs were still together in the end.

Today Haddie was calm and did not follow Cora like a shadow, she didn't lick her face, she didn't nose up to her ... she just let Cora be Queen ... and Haddie voluntarily stuck to me like glue.


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