Sunday, September 11, 2011

A Dog in the Pew

Our Worship Pastor, his wife, and their youngest daughter came over to our house yesterday to meet Haddie and visit. They have been Puppy Raisers with CCI for many years ~ in fact, they were the ones who originally sparked our curiosity about CCI. They didn't do anything formal to initiate the conversation ... they just had an adorable puppy and we were hooked with questions.

They passed on a lot of tips and tricks from their years of adventures in Puppy Raising. They thought Haddie was very mellow and reminded them of their first puppy (who passed!).  We are praying some good genes have been included in Haddie and she passes too.

They mentioned that they would take their puppys to church with them from the very beginning. And, since we attend the same church, we figured it was a go for us too!  Due to Haddie's age, she just suggested that we sit in the last pew of the balcony with Haddie on our lap. Carry her in and carry her out. Eventually she will be ready to walk in, go under the pew, and walk out.
Today Haddie went to church!! Shhh, she fell asleep during the Pastor's sermon! Her treats seemed to be louder than what I remember hearing them to be, and the tags on her collar jingled more loudly too than what I remembered. I kept looking in front of me to see if any heads were turning around, but everyone stayed focused straight ahead, so I figured it was all good.
Now, if Haddie would have fallen into a deep sleep, then she would have snored and that certainly would have been rude and disruptive. (wink).
It was fun having a dog in the pew this morning!!

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  1. That's funny! I've definitely thought that Hobart will have a harder time in AT because of his extreme confidence! It seems that his sis has a better disposition!