Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Five Thankfuls for Haddie

Happy 5th Month, Haddie!!  I remember the day you came into our life as one tiny little fur ball of whitish yellow. We went to our first CCI Class and would look in amazement at the size of the 5 and 6 month olds compared to you. I remember counting on my fingers and thinking, "No way. That will be you during the holidays?"  Now ... here we are.
photo courtesy of puppy breeder.
My five favorite Thankful things about Haddie:

*Every day as I sit on the laundry room floor with her after her grooming session, she will get right in my face. Her eyes could not get any closer to mine, and she will just stare into my eyes. Her brown marbled eyes are so intense. I feel like I can read her mind. She would like her final treat.

*Every night during her final bathroom call she will stop, look straight up into the sky, and just stare. I think it would be fantastic if she graduated to a Handler who lived in the country. She needs wide open spaces and little street lights to block her view of the stars. She sees a couple here, but can you imagine her view in the country. I love her goodnight ritual.

*She wants to please her Puppy Raisers all day long. Even during the times she knows she is making the wrong choice, she has this side ways look she will give us, as if she is truly debating over the pros and cons of her next move. She is a thinker. More so than any dog I have ever met.

*Haddie is affectionate. She will offer her nose straight to our lips for a kiss, with out kissing us back. She will push her nose against our cheek, with out adding a lick. She just wants to feel your skin to her nose. I love that ~ I visualize her with someone who will really, really need this part of her.

*I am so grateful for all of Haddie wagging into our life. The tough moments, the positive moments, the sleeping moments, the just hanging out moments. She has taught me about teamwork at an entirely new level, and I am grateful.
Thankful for you, Haddie!!! Happy 5th Month!!

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  1. We've made it together :D
    We have two five month olds.
    Here comes puppy teenage stage!

    ~Elijah & Hobart II