Sunday, November 27, 2011

Christmas Tree ... and Haddie

Our annual Christmas tree cutting came early this year out of necessity to squeeze as much holiday into our month of celebrations. The rain held off for us, but the wind was pretty nippy. I wasn't sure how Haddie would do, as the last "freak out" for her on leash was during a walk in the wind.
We arrived at the tree farm and noticed multiple, large signs throughout the gravel lot that read: "Keep all pets in vehicle". I asked my husband to verify if Haddie was allowed, otherwise we were going to another farm. I have already been asked to leave from an establishment because of  "dogs carry allergies and we are scared it will have an accident" excuse, I did not want another confrontation on our Tree Day.
Haddie was welcomed and off we went into the farm of trees. We quickly found that the ground was a mini bog of marshy wet grass, moss, and tree stumps. Oh, it was so mucky!! I kept reminding myself that it was a good adventure for Haddie - one more texture to add to her check-off list, and more practice at getting her paws cleaned off without her grabbing the towel.

She did fairly well, only hopping like an out of control bunny twice; through the most marshy area where I think she was trying not to sink and had to literally hop ahead of me, and during the height of the wind. I am not sure how to calm her over wind, but we will keep trying. I am sure the smells of the surrounding farms did not help ~ if I could smell all the farm animals, I'm sure she could smell much more.
Haddie met horses. My girl thought for sure she was processing, "How did that dog get so big?!"  The chickens were chicken of Haddie and would not come out of hiding.
After about an hour of searching, we finally found our tree. I have to remind myself on these adventures that Christmas Trees always look better in the house and decorated. We are all pleased with our results.

We spent the late afternoon decorating with Haddie watching snoozing in her bed (on a tie out). When it was time to Release her, she went straight for a photo op without anyone asking. Awww, good girl!!!
Haddie's first Christmas Tree adventure was a success. It will be interesting to read my post in a year and see how much has changed for Haddie.

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  1. Sounds like you guys had a wonderful (if rather soggy) Christmas tree trip!

    Equines are interesting when it comes to dogs. One of my relative's mules would go after her shepherd with a vengeance. Her other horses and mules couldn't have cared less. Same goes for Holly, she's far more interested in squirrels and coons to bother with livestock. She will feint at chickens though.

    Hopefully Bri won't have the prey drive that Holls does.