Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Shiny Floors and Elevators

Today Haddie's morning outing was to Kohls. Although it is my hundredth time in the department store, it was a first in taking our four legged. I instantly noticed how Shiny! the floors were (five star to Kohls!). Haddie did too as she did a little curious step off the carpet entrance and onto the shine. So cute. 

Sometimes I wish I had a paid Pup-arazzi with me to take video and photos of all-things Haddie related. I know ya'll would be intrigued and glued to my blog cuz she is that cute.

We strolled and continued to work on a loose leash. For the most part she is really good about this on outings, but every once in awhile she'll get ahead of me. She must smell something that I don't notice. 

The Kohls in our area has two floors. Knowing that we are not allowed on Escalators with our pups, we got to experience the Elevator for the first time. 

She's seen plenty of sliding doors, so that was nothing new. The newness came in her seeing a wall on the other side of the door. She was cautious to enter, but once she saw the food reward she pranced in and sat to my left. I kept rewarding as the beeps of the Elevator kept sounding. 

We exited with no story to tell. 

On the ride down, however, she knew what she was in for and was not too keen on entering. Unfortunately, in addition to her hesitating, two women snuck into the elevator which was not so big to begin with.  This was not the scenario that Haddie really needed, but we went with it.

This time Haddie was more in a crouch position, kinda like holding on for dear life. The women got off on the first floor, and we did too. But ... "Oops, Haddie ... I forgot to look at something back on floor 2. We better go back." (wink, wink).  Back on the elevator, this time alone. She was a little better - but I wouldn't say truly relaxed. We exited, did a quick look at something, and got back on for a ride down. I knew this was truly going to be our final adventure for the outing. I didn't want to push Haddie's boundaries as a wee one, and I could sense I was on the border. 

It was good to notice, however, an area that we will need to continue to work on. And lucky me, I can stroll Kohls every week if we need to!  Thanks, Haddie!

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  1. Yay for Haddie! Brave girl, those elevators are scary for first time canine riders. Holly was never thrilled about riding them while she was working, and escalators, there's something neither of us were willing to risk/brave.

    Hopefully Bri will be exposed to them early enough for her to adapt.