Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Haddie's favorite toy right now is the precious Nylabone. She loves to chew endlessly during her teething phase, but she also likes to throw it up in the air, slide it across the floor with her front paws, and shake to kill.
Yes, the throwing and skating of the Bone makes for much house ruckus against the hardwood floors, but she is panting by the time she is finished. It doesn't take much to entertain herself. 
When the bone goes missing, we both notice it. It has been missing for a day. I have searched her toy basket, the upstairs, the downstairs, and under every couch. Nothing. 
It surfaced today after doing a long overhaul on the underside of every couch. It just wasn't pushed slightly under the sofa, it was pushed rather far under; not sure how that happened. Perhaps Cora found a way to get her petite paw under the couch to get the bone to go farther. She is a plush toy gal, carrying them around and sleeping on top, never destroying a single stitch.
Excitement from the two legged and (one) four legged followed the finding. Cora, however, got Mr. Green (frog) and ran the opposite direction. 


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  2. Aww...thanks, Mark!!! I was not aware, so I will be replacing it. Thanks!!!!

  3. Here are a couple excerpts from the CCI email. Maybe it's not "all" Nylabones. Check with your local region.

    "Recently, Canine Companions for Independence (CCI) has been experiencing an increase in slab fractures and cracked teeth of dogs in our program. After several months of observation and consistent with recommendations from several veterinary dentists we have decided to implement a change in our list of recommended and approved toys for CCI dogs.
    CCI is no longer recommending the following products for active CCI dogs:
    Nylabone Durable Pooch Pacifier - Original
    Nylabone Super Tuff Chews
    Nylabone Double Action Chew
    Nylabone Galileo - Strong Dog Chews"

    "Recommended dog toy websites:
    Goughnut, LLC -
    Kong® -

    Please contact your regional program office or your veterinarian if you have any questions.
    Thank you!"

  4. Thanks, Mark!! I tried earlier to comment back to your email but it did not recognize the email address you sent. This is great info, and things I did not know. Thanks for sending.