Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas Fire Truck

The Christmas Fire Truck was supposed to arrive at 7:15p, and my son stayed close to the door ready with Haddie waiting for the lights and music to be seen or heard. Nothing. He finally gave up and we went about our evening.
Clue in 9:00p when the kids were getting ready for bed (we've had uncharacteristically late nights all week, and we have more Christmas fun tomorrow, we are all running tired), and my daughter hears the sound. Back into clothes, grabbing the Food Bank donations from the entry, the two kiddos are out the front door in a flash.
I woke Haddie from a dreamy sleep, whisked on her cape, leashed her up with out her Gentle Leader, and followed close behind. Poor girl, she didn't know what hit her.
Christmas Music was blaring from the speakers, kiddos dressed in elf costumes were running around collecting donations for the Food Bank Truck that was following the Fire Truck, and firemen were walking around in their gear handing out Candy Canes with their dressed up dog named Sparky. Haddie was wide eyed, but she kept her composure enough for compliments to be had by neighbors. She wasn't perfect, but given the situation, I was pleased.
Oh, the festive, little things of the Season are so much fun! I am glad we got to experience this with Haddie, as we are not always home the day this tradition takes place.

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