Sunday, April 28, 2013

Golf Course Walk

What to do on a semi cloudy day when the puppy has too much energy to wait-out the family getting ready for a social outing? You hook up the Gentle Leader, snap on the treat bag, and you take puppy outside for an exhaustive walk.
While we are not technically part of the Golf Course Country Club that is behind our house and connected via the main neighborhood drag, we enjoy all the perks it has to offer. From walks to discounted golf, this is an excellent place to have a house.

There are two routes I can take from my cul de sac when it is time for a walk. One is to go through our short trail and dump out into a neighborhood that eventually connects to the main hub of our city which offers a growing selection of retail, coffee shops, Froyo's, and restaurants. I rarely take that route with dogs, however, because of the the neighborhood unpredictability of wandering pets. I save that for the days when another family member is joining us as backup should I need it.

The other options is the golf course. The biggest perk to walking a dog in a golf course community is that there are rarely loose dogs running about, barking, or being of concern. I do not know what the bylaws are of living on the course, but we are going on our tenth year in this location and I have never had an issue with a dog (knock on wood). It is peaceful, safe, and so beautiful.

While Kolby has been on sidewalk walks through the Country Club, today we ventured onto the cart path of the Golf Course. I love this. Just me and my pup - so peaceful - perhaps a couple of golfers, but they are so quiet (you really have to watch which direction you are walking on the cart path). My favorite walk.
It wasn't until I got home did I remember that I took Haddie on the cart path for the first time at age 4 months too. I am glad that I thought about snapping this photo of Kolby close to the same location as I did with Haddie.

Memories.  For the record, I really miss my girl.

Kolby is a gem on the leash. I take no credit, I think it is just him, because he has been this way since day one. He has never lagged or pulled. He simply walks beside me and lets the leash almost drag on the ground under his chin. Dream.

Golf Course Walk - so sweet on a Sunday Morning.

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