Monday, April 1, 2013

Silly Puppy!!

Kolby has a silly side. He can be so clumsy and rambunctious that you can not help but smile and laugh at him. Thankfully, so far, he has pulled out the sillies when we have been enjoying time at home, versus in public. I am sure with his personality, his comedic routine will come out for the world to enjoy at one point during this Puppy Raising Adventure.
When Kolby plays, he really plays. He loves to do somersaults and enjoys rolling on his back and pedaling his four feet into the air while his ears are pinned to the floor and the whites of his eyes show more than his beautiful, dark colored pupils, and his teeth sparkle and his soft pink tongue is just so adorable against the black fur contrast.
And briefly speaking of ears - Kolby seems to have long ones because I have never seen a dog chew on the tips of their own ears like Kolby does. He will tilt his head to the side to get the floppy ear into his mouth before rolling to the carpet securing the ear to the floor while he continues to chew - or - he will put his ear into his mouth and "take it for a walk".
Silly Puppy!!

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  1. Oh so adorable - love Cricket's silly side, too.