Monday, April 15, 2013

Wake Up Kolby!!

A few weeks ago I posted how Kolby is uber-slow at getting out of his kennel. I have tried so many times to get a video of his antics, but to no avail because 1) he picked up his pace to see the video camera, or 2) the room was too dark, mixed with a black dog, and the video produced nothing.

I shot this last week after his mid-morning nap. His kennel is moved to our laundry room during the night because it is warmer and more den-like for a good night's sleep. Then, the kennel is moved to the high traffic area of our house during the day where he learns to sleep and chill out while activity and life happens around him. 

Because the video camera was right in front of his face, this is still a much quicker Wake Up, Kolby than normal. No matter if he has been awake waiting for me to let him out, or if I come upon him barely awake, he does this slow-motion get-up every. single. time.

This big boy was the last to be born in his litter (if my memory serves me correctly) and it is no wonder!!! Poor Mamma Kanga - WAKE UP, KOLBY!!!

Love him. 

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  1. Kolby is just too precious. I love it when they first wake up and do their little stretches! So cute.