Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Happy Day!

Another gorgeous, sunny day and Kolby and I had made plans to spend it with my dear friend. This is my buddy that met me about every-other-month with Haddie to go on outings that were training-related; all the while chatting away and getting caught up with life (since we live a few towns apart). She is an amazing friend. Always so supportive, always willing to be interrupted for me to capture a training moment with the puppy, and always providing fun conversation.
Although she had met Kolby prior, this was our first official social outing. We chose an outdoor mall and walked half of the time we spent together, and the other half of our date we ate lunch outside with Kolby; he held a Sit next to my chair (He must have very strong ab-muscles because he is very tight in his sit - no sloppiness shown - and can maintain it for an abnormally long amount of time for being so young).

A quick list of all of the things that I remember Kolby experiencing at one outdoor mall on a warm Spring Day ... in no particular order:

*A man with a leg disability and wheelchair bound approached me at lunch and asked to pet Kolby. OF COURSE!!! Kolby did not mind the movement of his chair, and rather enjoyed all of his attention. Although we did not talk CCI, there was a common connection and a proud look on the man's face as he wished Kolby good luck and goodbye.

*Steep stairs that were about 20 steps tall - a brief landing - and another 20 steps tall. My friend walked behind us and did play-by-play commentary of Kolby's step. It was funny. About every third step he would kick his back feet at the same time to the next step, and then would go up like a big boy taking each step with each foot, until the third step came around again, and he'd move his back legs up at the same time. Ha! He'll get it. So proud he made it without a fuss, and without pulling or lagging.

*We came upon a crow eating a chip on the ground about 8 feet from us. This one got Kolby's attention and he was so tempted to Bark. It was obvious in his facial features, but he held it together. The crow eventually flew away, and Kolby did a quick lunge - so we must work on that. I had him Sit as soon as he made the lunge motion, and he immediately responded (yay), but the crow did not come back.

*We gave him many opportunities to look over the ledge of the second story to street level - he was not impressed by heights. I don't even think he knew he was on a different level as he gave no reaction. There was a cute German Sheperd puppy below at one of our stops to peak over, and Kolby eventually spotted him; he did enjoy watching the puppy.

*Lots of walking on the loose leash with people passing on foot, and strollers too.
*A mini playground where Kolby climbed the graduated stairs to the top and sat next to the opening of the fire pole. He was about ready to go backwards over the edge (something he has done twice at the top of our stairs at home), so we will need to work on his spacial awareness.
*His first ride in an Elevator - and it was a Glass Elevator - double bonus points! He enjoyed looking out the window, and he did notice that we were moving, because his head moved with the motion of the outside as he sat looking out the floor to ceiling window. So cute. We rode it a few times before we did an exit.

*Smell of food, and sitting during lunch paying attention to me versus the dirty outdoor flooring. He never paid attention to the floor, that was good, but he liked to paw at my leg and a few times got his paws on my knees for a more up-close-and-personal-approach. Another item to add to the training To Do List.

*He went Hurry, the quickest one yet! And I chose a grate that was around a tree coming up from the sidewalk. I chose that spot because that was the only option at the time. I commanded a Hurry - he stood and stared off into the distance for a bit, and then he did his thing. Celebration. I think he might be getting this Hurry in Public thing.

*People. Many people passed, only a few asked to greet. The man in the wheelchair, a man with two walking sticks, and a little toddler boy. Kolby was the best with the toddler boy because Kolby did not lick at all. The other two he licked - add it to the list. Ohh, and one young lady I passed when I first arrived that didn't ask, but just bent down to pet Kolby as we passed, stating very enthusiastically, "I love labs!!" Ohh, okay, then by all means pet him without asking.

What a great day for Kolby. Enjoying his California Sun while not in California, taking a long walk through an outdoor mall, and enjoying some patience while I enjoyed lunch with my friend. A few things to work on, but no deal breakers.

Happy Day!!

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