Monday, April 22, 2013

Tulip Day for Kolby

The Tulip Festivals in our part of the state are popular for the month of April. Located in farm country it is a little over 90 minutes to drive from our house to the fields. But the drive is always worth it, being a country girl at heart I could stay for days, but we only stayed for one.
Kolby experienced his first Street Fair in the town we stopped to grab lunch before heading to the fields. It was raining off and on when we arrived, but the experience of the different food tents, crowds of people, and loud Live music coming from the center square was a great first experience for Kolby. He did great and received a lot of Oohs and Ahhs.
One thing that Kolby is definitely teaching me is patience. He is not the fastest Hurry guy. And it is not because he is distracted, it is actually the opposite. He will just sit and stare at me. But I know that he knows the command - we use it at home every. single. time. he. goes. out. because he is in a secured part of our yard where he has to be escorted through the garage to get there - so it isn't like I just send him out the sliding door and leave him alone. He knows it.
And every time I offer the Hurry command, I not only want him to do it because I am headed indoors, but also because I know it is time.

So - we will stare and I will encourage and then I will move on and make him walk and get distracted about something else away from the first attempt. All the while I KNOW he has to go!
During this adventure, my hubby and kids left the two of us to get a table at this cute little cafe in the middle of the Street Fair. As the rain picked up, I continued walking with Kolby trying to find a new spot to command Hurry. No grass, gravel, or bark were anywhere to be found. So we ended up weaving through more Street Fair experiences until we found an alley. Cement would have to do. It did. He went just fine. Sigh.
But now I could relax, and we walked back the blocks to the Cafe to join my family already in lunch progress. Kolby held his Under the table the entire 45 minutes we were eating. He never went Down, but he Sat. The entire time. Sitting. Observing. Checking in with me and my girl. He attracted the attention of one sweet family who was sitting on the other side of the Cafe. We chatted for about 15 minutes about Puppy Raising. It was fun - all the while Kolby stayed in his Sit Under the table. Dream.
Moving on to our day, the rain poured buckets from the clouds as it was time to get back to our car to head to the fields. I will admit - I carried our 27 pound puppy three blocks to the car. There was soooo much rain, I thought he might have drown being so close to the pavement. Ha!!
No, I admit - I did not want a wet dog in our car (insert - long drive home after the fields). Next time when I don't have a choice when he is 35+ pounds - which will be soon - he will experience rain puddles and massive falling rain. Trust me, there will be plenty of next times.
We stopped at a large field where we could walk through the fields to get prime photos. Not every field is open like that. I am glad we stumbled upon this one. It was clearly marked NO DOGS in the fields, but with Kolby proudly wearing his Vest, I ignored the sign and continued forth with confidence. We passed many employees who could have stopped us, but nobody did.
The fields were Muddy, but the rain had stopped. Kolby enjoyed walking in the mud, and had no problems sitting in it for most of the photo shoot. My hubby continued on with his photo fun of the Tulips, while I walked Kolby back to the car that was parked in a field of grass. Kolby enjoyed smelling the Farm Air and drying his feet off in the field before heading back to his kennel and driving home.
Kolby enjoyed bath time when we returned home before retiring for bed.
It was such a fun family day with Kolby. He was quiet to and from and during all the drive times in his kennel, he ate his lunch standing in the cargo section of our car without getting distracted, he got to experience walking through large crowds, listening to Live music through loud speakers, Cafe behavior, rain drops, mud, and the scent of Farm.
We will have to return next year for his Big Boy Photos with the Tulips.


  1. Ahhh He's just so cute! I love his facial expressions. I'm still bummed that we missed each other! It's days like today that I wish you lived just a smidge closer! Today is a beautiful day and it's sure to be slower than it was yesterday!

  2. Oh what sweet memories and great practice for a working dog! Love the tulip festivals - sad we missed it this year in our state. They sound gorgeous!