Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Toothless Tuesday

This is Kolby's sister Kira. Her Puppy Raiser is an amazing photographer with a pool in Sunny California. There has never been a photo posted of her puppy that is not frame worthy, calendar worthy, and media spotlight success. Thankful she is part of our team because it is so much fun to see a black puppy photographed so perfectly, with the bonus of the puppy being an identical twin to Kolby.
I say Identical Twin because both she and I think they are. Whatever photo or story she posts, I think she is talking about Kolby. She shared it was the same for her about Kolby to Kira. Their personalities seem so in-line with one another, it would be so fun to find a way to hang out together with the puppies.

Yesterday morning she posted news followed by a photo of Kira's first missing teeth; the two on top. I immediately thought, "Watch, Kolby will loose his today too." But I went about my day and didn't give it any additional thought.

It wasn't until I took my 30-minute break from Piano Teaching to feed Kolby and play with him, did I notice that he in fact he was missing his two front teeth, plus one on the bottom. I happened upon it when I was fishing something naughty out of his mouth.
I immediately laughed out loud and grabbed my camera as proof - it was too identical to believe without proof. I flipped him in a craddle and snapped a photo so quickly, when I released him to go back to wandering and stretching his legs before my next Piano Lesson, he just sat crooked and starred at me with a puzzled look, "What was that about?!" Ha!

Toothless Tuesday - our boy is growing up celebrating his 16th week of life at 30 pounds exact. Four months old is a big deal. I enjoy this stage.

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