Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Leave It

I was skimming Facebook last night before bed and saw an adorable video of Kolby's sister, Kira (who is also black and is Kolby's twin - Ha, I know...the entire litter are Kolby's twins), being raised in Southern California. Her Puppy Raiser is an amazing photographer and videographer who can capture a dark colored puppy with perfection. Totally jealous of her skills.

She posted a video in much better quality of Kira choosing to eat the food, or not eat the food. Kira was a rock star and chose not to eat the food until it was given by her Puppy Raiser. It made me beam that Kolby's sibling was super smart, so I wanted to test out Kolby's skill of Leave It this morning.

While the video is not of amazing quality, I think Kolby rocked the assignment and is of amazing quality. Take a peak at 13 week old Kolby.


  1. It's strange that we in the NCR do not (and have not for at least 3 years) teach "leave it" anymore. I wonder why the difference??

    Good job though!

  2. Mark - perhaps the correct version is Don't ... I am a little fuzzy on this too, because with Haddie I used "Wait" as the command in the video. But it wasn't until months into her training was it made clear that that was not a Wait command. Surprised, many had been doing the same thing that I had been doing. So, last week I asked our trainer to clarify the Wait command and explained what I had done with Haddie, and how to address it with Kolby, and I was told it was actually a "leave it" command ... but I have also heard our trainer/others say Don't when there is something to ignore.

  3. Nicely done, Kolby!
    Because I don't have a group with me, I periodically send videos to my PPM of D's progress. I sent one of him doing just this at about Kolby's age, and used the "wait" command. Our PPM told me not to use anything unless he made a move for it, and then say "don't" only as a correction. She told me that they used to use the "leave it" command, but stopped because it was hard for the graduates to remember. So now it is just implied that they should never go for anything. Anyways, it is interesting to hear the differences is regions.

  4. CCI used to have "Leave It" as a command. We used it when Jeb was alive. Personally, I like it, but it's no longer used (per the puppy manual and DVD). I just use no/don't for leaving things be. Wait is a hard one to get right. A LOT of people use it as a "stay" instead of a boundary limit.

    I would suggest to ask the NWR about leave it. You may not need to work on it.

    It is fun watching Kolby learn it though ;^)

  5. I agree with you both - because we just started this, I will switch to Don't so that it is not a concern because you are right ... Leave It is not on the list. Thanks for the tip and heads up!! =)