Thursday, March 28, 2013

11 weeks, 2 days, 19.9 pounds

I love getting to know Kolby; each day is new. For as confident and eager he is to explore his world and his willingness to learn, Kolby is just as mellow and loving. He always gives 100% of his personality; whether that is curiosity, bravery, naughty, confidence, mellow, or loving.

Kolby had his vet check and puppy shots this morning. Since he is not fully vaccinated it is advised to carry in and out the pup through the Vet office. I think this will be my last carry through, however, because this boy is now a whopping 19.9 pounds.

When I carry Kolby, he is just lays across my arms and looks into my eyes and gives me closed kisses and nose nudges. I love it. I will miss this part of his loving. There is something cool about holding him, versus cuddling on the floor with him. It lasts all too short.

Unlike his first weight check a few weeks ago that caused some whimpers from him, he was good to go today. He pranced on and off the scale. Today was his first time on the vet table, and again - probably his last, and he was so mellow. He didn't try to fly off the table, or walk about. He just sat, with his back against me, and nestled into my arms.

His favorite thing. To sit.

So - we just waited for the Vet Tech and Vet to take their turns in the room. His mellowness and cooperation was perfect. Really, when you think of an eleven week old puppy you think appropriate mischief. Kolby held an adult, well trained mentality. So cool. Love showing him off when he is showing his best.

He received a great report from the Vet and cooing about his cuteness and handsomeness. He is one good looking boy!! Because I had nothing to do with that - I don't feel like I am bragging. Ha!
(L to R: Koda, Kashi, Karlyn, Kolby, Kanue, Kira)

One of the great things about raising Kolby is my connection with the Breeder Caretaker and Puppy Raisers of three of his littermates through Facebook. We have a private page where we can post pictures, questions, and comments and stay in touch through Turn In. When I came home from the Vet there had been some posts about his siblings also going to the Vet today. Nice we are all following the CCI Timeline to the date. It's fun to chat about all-things regarding the K-litter; I'm so thankful to have landed in this litter.

Kolby is one big boy! So proud of his behavior this morning.


  1. Kolby sounds like a wonderful puppy...and seems very similar to my PIT! I had to re-read your first paragraph several times because that is *exactly* how I have always described Novel :)

  2. I've been enjoying following along on your new adventures with Kolby. It's interesting to read about the differences between your two CCI puppies. Each with their own unique personalities and talents.