Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Dear Mister,


We are so excited to Welcome you to your home for the next eighteen months. I know the time will go rapidly, because look ~ you have already grown so much since our first meeting on February 16th. Your Caretaker Becky said you weighed in at 15 pounds this week; your 8th week of life. Looks as though you have some mighty big paws you will be growing into.

Look at you!! Your whole CCI Puppy Training awaits with a fresh slate. We will be diligent and work hard together, making a great team that will be proud to arrive at Turn In August 2014 knowing we have completed the task with success. I know there will be rocky patches for us both; neither one of us are immune to mistakes. But together we will find what works best for us to get those 30 commands down solid and a "never let 'em see ya' sweat" kinda attitude in public.

No doubt you will go through a climate change here from your sunbathing baby days. Sorry in advance. That's all I have to say about that.

My friends who have seen your picture comment how Wise you look - so stoic and sincere, very calm and confident. Others say they just want to kiss that muzzle of yours and snuggle up to your awesome puppyness! I think you are in for a whole lot of lovin'.  I have no doubt that you will get plenty of attention at home, and in public. We'll have to make sure you stay humble.

Puppy Cheers to the next 18 months of learning; the funny, the lovable, the hard, the worth it, the positive, the everyday adventure toward the journey of being a CCI Graduate. There is a new collar color waiting for you next to a slew of new toys, yummy food, treats, water, and four two-legged friends who are ready for Team Kolby to begin.

Kolby ~ You are so worth every day we get to be part of your life.

Big Hugs and Lots of Love ~

Your Puppy Raisers.


  1. That is one BIG BOY right there!

  2. He is absolutely darling! I can't wait to follow his journey with you and your family!