Monday, March 11, 2013

i. heart. kolby.

This little guy is just too adorable. My first day without having to share him. My kiddos went off to school, my hubby had to go into work versus working from home, and this young mister was all mine. Until I had to pick up the kids, bring them home, and teach piano lessons.

I got a text from my girl during her lunch period. It read, "Bring my boy to pickup??"
Today in a nutshell was all about bringing out the best in Kolby. We walked a little on the leash. I put his confidence in wanting to get "up" on the ottoman into a positive by working on the command "UP"... followed by the command "OFF". I watched him sleep and took photos. I kissed him a lot and snuggled too. I continued working on the "HERE" command. I let him run crazy in the side yard. I continued reinforcing his amazing eye contact, and his favorite thing ever ... Sit.

I watched him sleep. I watched him sleep. I watched him sleep.

i. heart. kolby.

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  1. He is pretty adorable! Sounds like he has the perfectly sweet and mellow temperament to go with it!