Sunday, March 17, 2013

A Ballad for Haddie

My girl finished an assignment in her English class today. It was required that student's write a Ballad about an adventure in their life. The format was to be 12 stanzas and rhyming in an A-B-A-B format. Regardless of what the teacher may say, I love the final product that my girl wrote about Haddie because it is all truth (yes, even the part about the folk song). What a great Ballad of a wonderful memory. Nice work, Honey.


The day I got Haddie it was sunny
I jumped in the car excited
Expecting my puppy to be so funny
When I finally held her I was delighted
Everyday was a new task
Going to new places and learning new things
Haddie would pick up everything I taught her so fast
Especially when playing fetch and bring
It felt like it had just begun
The last month was so hard
couldn't believe we were almost done
Filling out the final report card
The day of that final class
They shared what I should be expecting
I knew it was going to be our last
And I needed to start disconnecting
The drive to Cali was so long
I was beginning to doubt
As my dad started to sing his famous folk song
Would I ever get out?
The jelly belly place looked so sweet
We stopped for the final outing
To take a tour of the colorful treats
Haddie enjoyed her Jelly Bean scouting
Thinking of our day ahead
I wanted my pup to be spoiled
I let Haddie jump on the bed
I knew her training would not be foiled
Haddie looked best dressed
couldn't help but smile
As she wore her matriculation vest
I realized it had all been worthwhile
In the dog park I captured through my lens
As she ran lightning speed
Haddie making new college friends
12 dogs make quite the stampede
At the turn in ceremony
I was among the crowd
Listening to the graduates share their testimony
I could tell we were very proud
 It was the hardest thing I had to do
Through all my tears
Saying goodbye made me feel so blue
But I knew I had to wish Haddie good cheers
I trained Haddie for Canine Companions for Independence
I knew with my training she could succeed
One day a person could use her dependence
For her future holds an amazing life to lead

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