Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Growing Up Kolby

I noticed that Kolby was getting restless in his kennel yesterday for no apparent reason other than he is Growing!
Kolby arrived in a nice sized, new (how did we get so lucky) kennel from CCI. But the size was just too big for his 13 pound body. Rather than blocking off a portion as suggested by CCI, we put the kennel on a shelf in the garage and replaced it with a very small kennel that we use for travel with our 20 pound Beagle. It works perfectly for those first few weeks of Puppy Raising!
The cozy den eventually was upgraded back to the CCI kennel last night when five minutes after putting Kolby to bed he was barking. He hasn't showed this behavior since day four of being at our house. I knew he was not comfy.
Rather than going through the night of barks, whimpers, and making every two legged and four legged miserable in our household, I got Kolby out of his baby kennel and started over. I made his big boy bed out of the same blankets, towels, stuffed bunny named Kanga, and a chew toy; all of which he has been sleeping with since day one in our house.
I took him back outside for a bathroom break to "start over" and he proudly walked right into his kennel when we returned. He was beaming, and I was so hoping he would not have an accident during the night ~ because it is much larger digs than where he had been staying, and I obviously didn't have a chance to feed him a meal or two inside before sleeping in it! But Kolby was immediately happy and quiet all night long.
This morning, when I opened up his kennel to wake him up, I found a dry kennel!! WoooHooo!!! His "never had an accident in his kennel" streak continues!! So excited. Someday soon I will need to videotape Kolby's waking-up. He reminds me of a teenage boy. He stares at me, closes his eyes, rolls over, stares at me, closes his eyes, moans, rolls, stretches, yawns, stares at me, moans, rolls over ... you get the picture?
He then will slowly walk out of his kennel just enough to fall and slide his body across the linoleum laundry room floor where I call him "Saaaaaafe!" as if he were trying to reach Home Plate. And then he will just stay there. Not moving. Pondering if he should get up and continue his day. Kolby is such a comedian. Every morning this is how he starts his day.

Growing Up Kolby - what a tough life!!

(Photos courtesy of my teen girl. Nice job, Honey!!!)

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