Monday, March 4, 2013

Puppy Prep

I received this photo from my friend who will be raising Kolby's sister, Kashi. While I don't know the story behind it, whether it took awhile for Kolby to gain the confidence to go down the slide, I am happy to see that he did. I love his paws.
We returned home from our California trip, unpacked, and immediately started a home improvement project in Puppy Prep. The kids and I painted our laundry room. It has been the last room in our house to be custom painted, and I'm embarrassed to say how long we have lived here. It was certainly time to exchange the white walls into something more cozy.

A cozy laundry room? Yes, it has become a requirement. Ever since Puppy Raising for CCI, I am finding myself spending a lot of time in our laundry room.

It is the Exit to all potty breaks, it houses the food and water for my Beagle and CCI Puppy, and all the daily grooming occurs in this little room. In the beginning it is where the Puppy sleeps at night in his/her kennel too - because we can turn on the fan, the dryer, and shut the door to mask any first-few-days-of-puppy-whining while we learn together on how to live together.

Make-over complete, we are ready to Welcome Home Kolby at the end of this week!!!

Would you like a tour?
There is plenty of space to add photo frames above the sink to the 10 foot ceiling, and around to the right, or left. Ha!! The sink is where I bathe our Beagle, and puppy to start. The drawers are host to grooming supplies, and a well kept "junk drawer" for the two legged in our house.
The quote above the door which leads to the garage and outside world. I love the words, and I love how my kiddos wanted to hang it right. there. "Believe in the Journey of your Dreams"
Towels for doggie bathing, and stash of treats, and carpet cleaner, and washing soaps, etc.
Entrance from our garage to our house ~ the picture frame above the door is Haddie's certificate from CCI with her Turn-In ribbon. The plan is to add additional picture boxes to the left and right of Haddie's, for each of the future pups in our care as they Turn-In/Graduate.

Small laundry room filled with cozy. Come on home, Kolby!


  1. I am absolutely green! I love this room! And my husband is NOT going to be happy about me reading this post!

  2. =) I know you are a Home Improvement Project family ... sooooo ... good luck with your hubby!!! Haha! Mine pulled out our washer/dryer, but we were responsible for the prep, paint, and cleanup as he had work to catchup on from being gone in Calif. It was a great learning experience for the kids ~ I think they appreciate their bedroom walls now. HeeHee!

  3. Well, I already had an idea of what we are doing with our upstairs laundry space. It's going to get done after the basement remodel is complete. But, your post gave me an idea for our basement laundry space after the two older girls move out in a few years. Yes, I have two laundry rooms and I love it!

  4. Well, now I am ABSOLUTELY green over your TWO laundry rooms. Awesome!!!

  5. I love's almost like...a personalized...well, DOG ROOM!!! lol :D Awesome. And Kolby is absolutely adorable by the way.