Sunday, March 10, 2013

Kolby gets a bath

Today was the day that Kolby needed a bath. We exchanged his airplane and kennel smell with a fresh scent of Green Apple Kiwi Puppy Shampoo. Ooohhh, he smells so cozy.
I never knew that a bath could wear out a puppy so quickly. He took his longest midday nap in his kennel for the first time while drying off; a record 2 hours, as opposed to 20 minute stints with wake time of crying, whimpering, and barking.

Maybe he was trying to tell us all along that he just wanted to get cleaned up!
Kolby was a rock star in his bath; even beating out Cora's attitude about her first bath experience with us and she was a retired Beauty Queen on the National Circuit of Champions. Way to go, Kolby!!

He sat. He stood. He didn't whimper, try to shake, or try to get out. He even voluntarily dunked his head straight into the stream of water when it first turned on - and he didn't even care.
I am crossing my fingers he continues this amazing attitude when we graduate to the tub and then to the shower. You can do it, Kolby!!
And if we find a clear lake around here this summer - it is all yours, Kolby!! I have a feeling you enjoy water.
Tomorrow I will work on cleaning his teeth. One day at a time and this pup will be squeaky clean.

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  1. aww! he is so cute! Spunky and Kolby have the same turn-in date!