Thursday, March 21, 2013


It was so nice to have my mom came with me to Kolby's Kindergarten class last night. It was fun to show her the classroom of pups and have her listen to all the wisdom and knowledge that our Trainer has towards Puppy Raising. I think "impressive" sums up the view of Kindergarten class to all visitors.
We spent the first thirty-five minutes in a circle doing Cradles with our noisy pups (they all whimpered) in a series of Question and Answers. It was perfect and I learned a lot of valuable information.
The remainder of the class we spent working the room through the course of objects and distractions, and then we worked on Heal and the Bed command. Kolby is one to try anything the first time and to eagerly keep repeating the adventure. He is one confident puppy. It is so much fun, and a lot of mental stimulation for me to keep up with his go-get-em attitude.
When class was over, Kolby was ready to lay down and enjoy the hour drive home. I continue to look at him and imagine him as an older puppy, and what that will feel like to have a big, black dog by my side who is so smart, willing, and gentle all in one four legged friend.


  1. What a fun class! How often do you go?

  2. There are multiple times to choose from, and you can attend more than one, but you are advised/required to attend one class per week. Love class days, it is always so much fun!