Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Kolby got schooled

Tonight our dear friends who literally live a five minute walking distance from our CCI class and who I've been shamelessly plugging at getting them to Puppy Raise, came to our Puppy Class. They had seen Haddie in a 4H Class when she was much older, but they had never been to a Kindergarten class.

Wouldn't ya' know but this was the class when Mr. Kolby shared all of his Alpha Skills and eventually got totally schooled by our Trainer. She was more Alpha than Kolby, she won. Always does, always will.

It started with Kolby barking continuously upon entering. She didn't mind that behavior, and it was my first question during circle time. It created a great learning opportunity for the rest of the class as we put each pup on their own tie-out and taught the Speak command. Kolby received an A+, of course.

Then we moved onto working the Quiet Command. Kolby was good at that too, perhaps a B. We have some tips that will help him learn that Speaking is only acceptable when he is given the Command. Otherwise, he needs to remain Quiet. He is one vocal pup, but I am confident that we will get this under control and with the help of our teaching, and his growing, he will learn and succeed.

From there we "worked the room" and my girl and I shared Kolby. He was doing everything we asked, so in that regard he was awesome. He loves to work! But he was also getting a little rambunctious and needed some reeling in, so I pulled out his Gentle Leader.

He's worn it off and on at home and on walks. It is not his favorite, but he will "tolerate it" so long as I keep him busy and moving. But tonight he decided that he was. not. going. to. let. me. put. it. on. him. Thankfully, I didn't give up as I worked him submitting to getting that Gentle Leader on his cute little muzzle.

Our Trainer, however, watched the fiasco and came over and assisted handled it. I learn so much from her hands on teaching. I bit my lip a few times to keep from smiling and laughing, because Mr. Kolby was too cute even though he was being so naughty. How can you not smile at his CUTE FACE!!!

Our Trainer won. After some love for him submitting and calming down, she took it off. And started over. This time it only took Kolby one try at rejecting until he figured out "Oh, right - you mean what you say." He calmed down much quicker.

Then it was my turn. He barely struggled, but I was able to control him and remind him that the same theory goes for me as it does with our Trainer. Once the Gentle Leader was on, I gave him love and he sat in front of me, shoulders drooped as he pressed his nose against my leg in a very mournful, apologetic response for his naughtiness. I wish we had a camera. It truly was very loving and the most sorrowful response.

Kolby was calm the rest of the night in class. We will continue to work on transferring his Alpha-status to the two-legged peeps in this house. I KNOW he will get this. I KNOW he is not a bad puppy. He just needs appropriate direction and leadership. We have great support at Puppy Class and outside with immediate feedback when asked via emails/phone calls ... I have no doubt Kolby is up to some great work! He is so confident and Smart!!

Love you, Kolby!! I promise that the moments you are schooled will only make you better. Promise.  

Thanks, J & S, for coming to class tonight! You got to see some great variety in training, and it looked like you were having fun working with Nemo!!

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