Friday, January 13, 2012

A community

I am so thankful that we are in an amazing group of fellow Puppy Raisers with CCI. I remember when we first were interested enough in this volunteer gig that I asked our good friends (who were PR's) to give me all the details. I will admit when I heard that the training center was a good 60 minutes one way away from our city that I quickly had my doubts how this would fit into our schedule.

But it has, and it has been worth every single drive to and from.

Our friend had mentioned over and over what a great support group and community of people that we would meet. There was a special bond between PR's in that no matter the level of expertise or years of experience, we each could relate to one another and we were all there to get the pups to succeed. No competition, no outside agenda. It truly was for the love of dogs, and for the gift to others.

She was right.
The first minutes of being
first time Puppy Raisers
An amazing group. The kind where you just can't really explain it to it's fullest depth. We share with out holding back, we cheer successes, laugh at comical mishaps, and try to help each other solve the problems based on our experience or thoughts. It is just truly a friendship with the dog's success at the forefront.

When we moved to the 4H classes upon Haddie's puppy graduation the bond and friendship remained. The kids are supportive of one another and their work. The team leaders are responsive and genuine. Cards are made and signed for those that are having a rough health week. A mentor is added to members who need an extra boost - and the mentors are so encouraging and heart felt. It is just a group of kids coming together to share their love for dogs, to inspire one another to do their personal best, to laugh, and to give it all away when they take their dog back to CCI.

I am happy. Our Chapter has been beyond what I really thought it would be like. I heard it, I just wasn't sure it was "as good as she said" it would be. She was right. And more ...

Thank you to Terry, Leslie, Brent, and Robin - for the love shown to Haddie, and a genuine interest in our family succeeding with her. A community. So grateful.


  1. This post is so true! I absolutely love the CCI community. I have met so many wonderful people through it and everyone is so supportive and helpful!

  2. This is one of the things I love best about puppy raising.

  3. I'm also amazed at the support and compassion in the CCI family. We're so new we're still meeting new people every week, but they all seem to connect to the unified goal of puppy raising. The way everyone works as a group and supports one another is truly incredible! <3