Sunday, January 8, 2012

Cora hearts Haddie

Just before the dogs were to go on vacation to the sitters, I found my little beagle snuggled to her CCI friend. Usually, Cora is all about leaping on the couch to get away from the yellow fur ball. But a Christmas Miracle happened and she joined Haddie in her bed for a few minutes.

Upon returning home from their respective vacations, the two were found snuggling against the fireplace screen. That too was short lived, but it was a snuggle nonetheless.

While I know that technically the two dogs are not to be the best of friends, the two dogs still need to be nice together. It has been a long journey to get Cora to accept Haddie. No major story, just day after day of Cora ignoring Haddie, and Haddie going bonkers trying to be friends.

I always thought a happy middle would be great ~ and have been waiting patiently.

So, on Friday - being a tad under the weather - I put Haddie in her bed for some quiet time and chilled out next to her on the couch. I knew that Cora was lurking about, and finally landed next to Haddie. Thankfully, Haddie remained calm, and Cora stayed.

Next thing I heard was snoring from both dogs. Ninety minutes later I got up with my camera (both dogs woke) to take a shot and get the dogs (and myself) back on with our day.
I never realized that Haddie is basically pushing Cora away in this photo. Look at her front feet on Cora's face!  But maybe that's because Cora's back legs are on Haddie's rear. Ha Ha. Whatever it takes for the two of them to find the balance of friendship.

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