Sunday, January 15, 2012

First Snow

We live in the area of the country that gets at least one snowfall a year. The amount of snow averages just a few inches, but it is enough to get excited about and cause delays on the roads. I know to some of my readers that is laughable, but it is the truth.
About once every few years we will get a dumping worth National talk, but this is not one of those years. This is the typical year of a few inches (at least in our area of the region, up North it is getting hit much harder as it always does).
Anyway ... depending on next winter and where Haddie is placed in her forever family ... this might be her only experience of the white stuff. I hope at some point she will experience the depth of a snowfall; to see her jump through the snow would be video worthy.
This morning she held an Under (while sleeping) the entire Church service next to my girl. I guess that is a sign that she is growing up, and has been there enough times to get the routine. Yay, Haddie!!  The rest of the afternoon has been in and out of the snow, hanging with the family, and finding her cozy place in the house.


  1. I have a blog, but it is private, is there a way I can get your email to add it to the list so you can read it?

  2. Bethany & Dahlia...since comments are not published on my blog w/o my authorization...send me your email and I will not publish the Comment, but will us it to send you back my email. Would love to read your Blog. :)