Saturday, January 14, 2012

Haddie's First Christmas

I can't forget to include Haddie's First Christmas photos in the blog book that I will produce for her forever family. Haddie was such a sweet girl for Christmas - she pulled out all her nice qualities to make traveling to our extended families houses for celebrations so nice.
Santa gave her a new bone for Christmas, and my parent's gave her a soft toy which she adored rather quickly. I purchased this stocking for her, and our future CCI Pups.
We cut down our Christmas Tree from a farm every year, so the smell of real tree wafts through our family room throughout the month. Surprisingly Haddie could care less about the tree and ornaments. We never had an issue with her bothering the tree. Until ... the wrapped gifts were set under the tree half way through the month. She wanted to Open just about all of them.  I consider that a Smart Dog (smile).

A silly Self Portrait at my parent's house on Christmas Eve.
Haddie taking in sleeping through the gift opening.
Such a sweet pup. She had a terrific First Merry Christmas!


  1. To have a book for them is so very special. They will love it - promise :).