Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Third Day of Snow

Okay, we are tired of the snow. We are ready for the rain to fall heavily, the cement to return, and our life back to normal. I like the adventure of the snow, but not for three days in a row at home. I like best to vacation in the snow.

We have not "done much" in the way of the dogs, other than letting them go wild in the backyard. While we've sledded, they have napped in the warmth of our house. Otherwise, we are doing indoor activities and just going a tad bit stir crazy (not the dogs, but us, or I should say, me).

Pictures of Haddie today in six inches or more of snow. She is one fast puppy! Some pictures are better than others, but they all hit the cute meter to me!
My Favorite - so majestic!

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  1. Our rain has just turned to snow! Blah - ready for spring! Sounds like Haddie had fun in the snow! Cricket loves to run around in it for a few minutes then she's done :).