Monday, January 2, 2012

The Haddie-Moon is still going ...

Honeymoon, Haddie-moon ... it is the same to me right now. Our sweet girl is either still coping with her wild party of a vacation, or she grew a lot in the last five days. I am hoping for the second thought.


1. Haddie tolerates Cora. As in, my adorable pet can walk across the room without being bombarded with a wiggly, in-your-face, yellow furball of happy. Morning greetings consist of a tail wag, rather than a semi-tackle, and the two can share the prime front row carpet spot by the fire without Haddie doing a bunny hop back in excited bliss, or Cora getting up to wander off. While it was brief, three out of the four of us witnessed an actual snuggle between the two pups ~ it! was! a! moment! of! mutual! friendship!  Cora was against the fire screen, Haddie was against Cora, Cora put her head on Haddie's back, Haddie stayed still. Awwwwww!

2. Haddie passed a pair of my girl's socks at the top of the stairs three times since being home and three times sniffed the socks with out picking them up and bee-lining the opposite direction. She just calmly walked up, sniffed, and walked away. And no, they were not smelly socks, but clean ones! She had every chance to get them and start a Keep Away and she refused on her own. Never has this ever happened.

3. Haddie brought three separate items to me and follow throughed with a Drop on command. A pine cone, a   heavy card-stock small piece of paper, and a wrapper. Just a week prior she would have had each with no way of surrender if her leash was not on. Remember the long leash she was sequestered to for the past month? She has not worn it since her return.

4. Haddie played Fetch in the backyard with no long lead. She chased for the ball, picked up the ball, came straight to me, and dropped the ball every.single.time. The miracle factor, once again, was without leash. She would always Fetch with a leash, but never without. Smart Girl, she always knew when she had the control, versus when I had the control. Today, however, she chose to follow the Commands when technically she was in control due to the lack of the leash.

I am in bliss over all the right choices she is making. I know I don't know if this will be short lived, or possibly long lived, but either way this is really, really nice.

Haddie-moon is awesome!


  1. So there's hope for Orent after all! He's older than Haddie but clearly not wiser... sounds like it might be time for a long leash. I've also noticed than when he's gotten to run his sillies out he plays more respectfully. Is that true for Haddie too?

  2. Max - It sort of depends what activity we are doing. She loves to play Fetch so she is pretty calm (but quick) and consistent with that game, but if she is just running with no purpose then she tends to be more crazy. Even during "down time" Haddie seems to need a job/task, otherwise she tends to find herself getting more hyper or more bossy with our beagle. =) But when she is tired, she is tired!