Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Mall walking, and sitting

I had a few returns to make at the Mall today, and Haddie was my happy sidekick. Because the kids are in school before most stores open, we walked the one-story Mall waiting for the gates to the stores to release. These are the days I wish I owned a pedometer. I am curious how many laps around the large plat would make a mile, 2 miles, 3 ...
We eventually found a bench and sat for the last five minutes before the store we needed to Open. At first Haddie went Under head first and kept her bum hanging out. I stood up again and re-positioned her Under to a more appropriate result. And then we just sat.

She saw the janitor wheel by with his big cart of goods, babies and toddlers, people with walkers and in wheelchairs, the gates clanking up and down as employees arrived for work, music playing through the ceiling, shinny floors, and mannequins. She observed everything with perked ears and turn of the head, but didn't break her Under and didn't lick her surroundings. I consider it a good moment in training.

I wasn't fast enough for a photo (the ones taken here were with an outstretched hand and a bit of luck that she was actually in the frame), but she would look up to me through the open slats in the chair. It was so adorable. I love the moments when she is clued into me and waiting for approval and her next assignment. For the most part, this is her way during outings. Searching for me to look at her, checking in.
Haddie is just so much fun. I am feeling confident in our ability as a Team, I am just so curious what her future holds, however. All of these outings - what are they truly preparing her for? Will she be a service dog, therapy dog, favorite pet? What is her future?  The big unknown keeps me going.
I have told her recently, "I love you so much, Haddie!! I will keep you for one more year!"  Sounds funny, but it really is my way of remembering she is not my dog. And remembering how quickly our time together has gone, and will continue to go.

Even the little moments like Mall Walking, and sitting, are fun with Haddie.


  1. If you have a smart phone, there are free apps for recording distance traveled and time. We use it when we take Carver out on hikes.

  2. Well, how Smart!!! I will check into that....Thanks!!!