Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Play Time, I mean Class Time

The driveway into the CCI Class / 4-H Meetings is a steep grade down, or a steep grade up - depending if you are entering or exiting. And it is surrounded by woods so it is well shaded during daylight hours. As a result of our crazy weather for the past seven days, the driveway has yet to be cleared from the slush, and apparent "ski jump" positioned perfectly in the center. I can imagine some neighboring kiddos enjoyed this parking lot immensely during the snowstorm.
So, we got an additional outing this week as a group!! We met at a strip mall and enjoyed a toy store, and a huge arts and crafts store. Outings are always so much fun ~ you get a chance to put your training to use in front of the trainer and other experienced volunteers to receive feedback ... and to just have fun together!

Check out Haddie's Adventure!
Watching her PR
play with things that moved
Your turn, Haddie!
Look out Train Town ~
a Giant Dog is lurking!
Love this quote
Her pondering eyes
make me smile.
Her motto sometimes
Her way ~ or ~ no way!
Very Wise, Haddie!
The Facility Dogs (those that have graduated and whose job it is to train us) are always up for some fun too. Aren't they just the cutest? When Haddie returns to California for Advanced Training she will be trained to "get" and "hold" like these two awesome dogs!

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